Platelet-rich plasma

Face treatments with platelet-rich plasma are used in order to deeply regenerate and strongly rejuvenate skin. According to doctors’ opinion the platelet-rich plasma contains many substances that stimulate a skin to produce collagen, blood vessels and accelerate creating new layers of epidermis.

This method makes the skin young, smooth and radiant, wrinkles are being visibly shallow and smoothen, and hairs are stronger. This treatment is not only effective but also very safety and applied often on a face and head skin by Beauty Skin Clients both in Warsaw and Radom.

Platelet-rich plasma prices:

Platelet-rich plasma Regeneris type - eyes (1 test-tube)600zł
Platelet- rich plasma Regeneris type - face (2 test-tubes)800zł
Platelet- rich plasma Regeneris type – face and neck (3 test-tubes)1000zł
Platelet- rich plasma Regeneris type – face, neck, neckline (4 test-tubes)1200zł
Platelet- rich plasma Regeneris - eyes (1 test-tube)800zł
Platelet- rich plasma - Proteal system (hairs, face, neck or back of hands)1500zł
Platelet- rich plasma - GPS system (hairs, face, neck or back of hands)2000zł
Platelet-rich plasma - Angel (hairs, face, neck, neckline or back of hands)3500zł

Main advantages of platelet-rich plasma