Botulinum toxin

The method of rejuvenating by botulinum toxin is an effective way to remove even deep facial lines. After the Botox treatment skin becomes visible smoothed and rejuvenated of several years. This method is safety and brings spectacular effects, which maintains around a year.

Botox® may be applies successfully in various face areas. The mechanism of botulinum toxin effects was firstly used in neurology and ophthalmology.

Botox® prices:

Forehead lines600zł
Frown lines600zł
Crow’s feet600zł
Two of areas above (simultaneously) 1100zł
Three of areas above (simultaneously)1500zł
Tear troughs – rejuvenating of the area under the eye socked 400zł
Bridge of nose wrinkles - "bunny lines"450zł
Around mouth wrinkles - vertical lip lines500zł
Brows lifting (shaping) - "eye opening"600zł
Make shallow nasolabial folds600zł
„Gummy smile” reduction700zł
Nose tip lifting600zł
Removing of mouth corners wrinkles (“marionette lines")600zł
Reduction of chin anomaly (mental crease)600zł
Horizontal neck lines removalod 700zł
Platysma neck bands removalod 700zł
Cheeks wrinkles removal600zł

Main advantages of botulinum toxin