Tattoo removal with PicoClear picosecond laser

Thanks to modern equipment, removal of tattoos-even colored ones or permanent makeup-is completely safe and allows you to achieve the desired results with fewer treatments. PicoClear is the latest laser platform developed by the high-end company Alma Lasers.

It is the highest power picosecond laser. It combines four wavelengths: Nd:Yag 1064nm, KTP 532 nm, 585nm and 650 nm. It is the most effective device on the market – it delivers up to 300 short picosecond pulses. It is a fractional laser, which is ideal for removing any color tattoo or permanent makeup. As the first clinic in Poland we offer PicoClear treatment!

Price list of Alma PicoClear

Areafrom 400 PLN *
* Price determined individually during a free consultation

Main advantages of Alma PicoClear