Stem Cells & Growth Factors

komórki macierzyste

komórki macierzyste

Stem cells CD34+ and growth factors CGF (Concentrated Growth Factors) are extracted from patient’s blood thanks to specialized separator MEDIFUGE 200 and APAG. CGF method is the newest and safest form of regenerative medicine therapy. One procedure has a regenerative effect on the skin, reduces wrinkles, supports the treatment of scars, stretch marks and baldness.

Treatment with stem cells and growth factors is aimed at regenerating the skin and its internal structure. Thanks to full sterility of the treatment and originality of CGF kits we take care of full safety and exclude the possibility of allergies.

Price list for stem cells and growth factors

Area1 treatmentSet of 3 treatments
CGF ONE - Revitalize and condition the skin in small areas such as around the eyes, around the mouth or on the scalp
1 OBSZAR - mesotherapy850 PLN *2550 PLN 1799 PLN
CGF LIQUID - Revitalizes the skin with stem cells and growth factors, accelerates regeneration processes and has a rejuvenating effect
FACE AND NECK - mesotherapy1200 PLN *3600 PLN 2499 PLN
CGF HARMONY - intensive skin regeneration thanks to stem cells and growth factors suspended in a gel, which have a longer and stronger regenerative effect on the skin
FACE - mesotherapy + gel2000 PLN *6000 PLN 3999 PLN
*The number of areas is determined individually for each patient with the physician during the consultation.
special offer valid until the 17th of October.

Main advantages of stem cells