Zaffiro Z300 for firming

Zaffiro Z300 is the latest version of Zaffiro device used for thermolifting of selected body parts which enables regaining skin firmness. According to specialists Zaffiro thermolifting is the most efficient and innovative procedure allowing for „push up” of inner side of thighs.

The treatment not only enables to get rid of non-aesthetic problem of limp skin, but also helps to firm and condense the skin. Zaffiro gives almost immediate results and is one of the most favoured procedures of BeautySkin clients.

Zaffiro Z300 Prices

procedure1 procedurepackage of 4 procedures
Arms850zł 600zł2400zł 1920zł
Abdomen1200zł 900zł3600zł 2880zł
Inner thighs1200zł 900zł3600zł 2880zł
Buttocks1200zł 900zł3600zł 2880zł
Knees780zł 500zł2000zł 1600zł

Major advantages of Zaffiro Z300