Zaffiro face thermolifting

Zaffiro procedure is recommended to everyone who wants to improve condition of skin face. In Beauty Skin we offer the latest model of Zaffiro Z300 device (next version of Zaffiro). Thermolifting performed with the use of this device makes the firmer and increases its density.

Zaffiro is an ainnovative technology recommended for both women and men who want to keep the young look of their skin. According to specialists opinions Zaffiro is not only able to firm and condense the skin but also help to get rid of existing wrinkles and imperfections.

Zaffiro – Prices

Face750zł 550zł2200zł 1760zł
Face + chin930zł 650zł2600zł 2080zł
Neck + chin600zł 450zł1800zł 1440zł
Face + neck1000zł 800zł3200zł 2560zł
Neck550zł 400zł1600zł 1280zł
Neckline1000zł 700zł2800zł 2240zł
Face + neck + neckline1650zł 1300zł5200zł 4160zł
Water peel100zł-
Water peel before Zaffiro50zł-

Major advantages of Zaffiro procedure