Innovative face skin care GENEO+

Geneo procedure is revolutionary way for skin exfoliation which guaranties its rejuvenation, refusing and firming. Innovative face skin care using Genes was inspired by hot springs of crystal pure water. Uniqueness of this procedure lays in use of air bubbles enriched with very high carbon dioxide concentration which positively affects the skin. CO2 works on top surface of the skin boosting air movements. This effect is the so called Bohr effect.

Through this action the procedure efficiently fastens the blood flow which has energising influence on skin. Faster blood flow means better blood supply for the skin which causes its quicker regeneration which equals the replacement of old exhausted epidermis with new layer of cells. Faster blood flow intensifies skin exfoliation and serves as basis for next nutritional care procedures as it supports absorbing the ingredients by the skin.

Geneo Prices

NeoRevive® - skin rejuvenation (face)299zł 229zł
NeoRevive® - skin rejuvenation (face, neck, neckline)499zł 399zł
NeoBright® - skin brightening and nutrition (face)299zł 229zł
NeoBright® - skin brightening and nutrition (face, neck, neckline)499zł 399zł

Major advantages of Geneo