Vectus laser epilation

Laser epilation is an innovative method of hair removal. Unlike traditional hair removal methods, laser epilation allows for permanent removal of unwanted hair. Epilation may be conducted in body areas chosen by the client. Laser epilation is the most efficient and the most safe method for permanent hair removal.

The laser strength is individually selected for the client needs therefore it ensures maximum efficacy and safety during the procedure. We pay particular attention to our clients needs. The cosmetologist who is dedicated for particular person, performed the whole epilation procedure and cares for clients comfort and ensures maximum intimacy.

Vectus laser epilation prices

We guarantee the lowest price of Vectus laser epilation. We have special prices for our regular clients – be one of them. From 5th procedure minus 20% from fixed prices.

Area1 treatmentDiscounted package of 4
Calf (with knees)270zł1080zł 756zł*
Thighs280zł1120zł 784zł*
Buttocks230zł920zł 644zł*
Feet120zł480zł 336zł*
Whole legs500zł2000zł 1400zł*
Arms230zł920zł 644zł*
Forearms200zł800zł 560zł*
Hands180zł720zł 504zł*
Basic bikini (groins)170zł680zł 476zł*
Medium bikini (groins, mons pubis)200zł800zł 560zł*
Full ladies bikini (groins, mons pubis, labia)230zł920zł 644zł*
Full men bikini (groins, mons pubis, testicles)230zł920zł 644zł*
Deep ladies bikini (groins, mons pubis, labia, intergluteal cleft)290zł1160zł 812zł*
Deep gentleman bikini (groins, mons pubis, testicles, intergluteal cleft)290zł1160zł 812zł*
Intergluteal cleft180zł720zł 504zł*
Aunderarms150zł600zł 420zł*
Back250zł1000zł 700zł*
Back of neck180zł720zł 504zł*
Chest250zł1000zł 700zł*
Abdomen250zł1000zł 700zł*
Abdomen line120zł480zł 336zł*
Nipples areas120zł480zł 336zł*
*Special offer is valid until 30th of March

Major advantages of laser epilation