Laser Epilation of the Thunder MT body

Laser Thunder

Thunder MT is the latest and most powerful laser created by the global market leader Quanta System. It is the only device on the market that combines three technologies: alexandrite laser (755nm), Nd: YAG (1064nm) and mixed technology (755nm + 1064nm). The innovative system allows you to select single or double laser beam emission.

The patented MIXED technology allows the simultaneous use of both lasers, which significantly increases the efficiency and safety of the treatment. The mixed technology achieves excellent effectiveness also on light or dark phototype hair.

Thunder MT laser prices

We guarantee the most advantageous offers for Vectus laser epilation in Warsaw. Our regular customers are offered 20% discount just after 5th treatment.

Area 1 treatmentDiscounted package of 4
Calf (with knees)750 zł3000zł 1500zł *
Thighs1050 zł4200zł 2100zł *
Buttocks550 zł2200zł 1100zł *
Feet200 zł800zł 400zł *
Whole legs1700 zł6800zł 3400zł *
Arms550 zł2200zł 1100zł *
Forearms450 zł1800zł 900zł *
Hands300 zł1200zł 600zł *
Basic bikini (groins)550 zł2200zł 1100zł *
Medium bikini (groins, mons pubis)580 zł2320zł 1160zł *
Full ladies bikini (groins, mons pubis, labia)600 zł2400zł 1200zł *
Full men bikini (groins, mons pubis, testicles)600 zł2400zł 1200zł *
Deep ladies bikini (groins, mons pubis, labia, intergluteal cleft)800 zł3200zł 1600zł *
Deep gentleman bikini (groins, mons pubis, testicles, intergluteal cleft)800 zł3200zł 1600zł *
Intergluteal cleft400 zł1600zł 800zł *
Aunderarms500 zł2000zł 1000zł *
Back700 zł2800zł 1400zł *
Back of neck500 zł2000zł 1000zł *
Chest750 zł3000zł 1500zł *
Abdomen750 zł3000zł 1500zł *
Abdomen line550 zł2200zł 1100zł *
Nipples areas350 zł1400zł 700zł *
*Special offer is valid until 30th of March

The main advantages of the Thunder MT laser