Skin firming – Zaffiro Z200

Thermolifting is a revolutionary way for immediate rejuvenation and firming the face, which may be performed thanks to the Zaffiro Z200 device. It is dedicated to a person, who observes the signs of aging: skin limpness, facial lines and folds.

The Zaffiro treatment allows retreating the passing of time and recovering a youthful and attractive appearance to the face. The skin firming has ever been so simple and comfortable before!

Zaffiro Z200 prices:

Face750zł 550zł2200zł 1760zł
Face + chin930zł 650zł2600zł 2080zł
Neck + chin600zł 450zł1800zł 1440zł
Face + neck1000zł 800zł3200zł 2560zł
Neck550zł 400zł1600zł 1280zł
Neckline1000zł 700zł2800zł 2240zł
Face + neck + neckline1650zł 1300zł5200zł 4160zł
Water peel100zł-
Water peel before Zaffiro50zł-

Main advantages of Zaffiro Z200