PicoClear picosecond laser resurfacing

As the first clinic in Poland we present the newest picosecond laser PicoClear! It is an innovative laser platform that towers over competing devices – it has the shortest pulse duration. This is an important issue in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and safety of treatments.

Laser resurfacing improves skin density, improves its overall condition, and eliminates minor imperfections such as acne scars and enlarged pores. As a result of laser pulses on the skin, it is stimulated to regenerate, resulting in its deep reconstruction.

Price list of Alma PicoClear

Treatment1 treatmentSet of 3 treatments
Face2400 PLN 2000 PLN7200 PLN 4800 PLN
Face and neck3000 PLN 2600 PLN9000 PLN 6600 PLN
Face, neck, neckline3600 PLN 3200 PLN10800 PLN 7800 PLN
Neck or neckline1600 PLN 1200 PLN4800 PLN 2700 PLN
Eyes area1200 PLN 800 PLN3600 PLN 1800 PLN
Lips area1200 PLN 800 PLN3600 PLN 1800 PLN
*special offer valid until the end of September

Main benefits of Alma PicoClear