Picosecond laser lift – PicoLift

As the first clinic in Poland we present the newest device among picosecond lasers – Alma PicoClear. This device is superior to competing lasers as it has the shortest pulse duration. This platform allows for removal of tattoo, scars or stretch marks, and also offers a non-ablative laser skin lifting.

PicoClear delivers heat to the skin through the use of deep micro columns. This results in a thickening of the skin, stimulation of collagen production, and a process of eliminating dead pigment cells. The surrounding tissues remain intact, so recovery time is minimal and the client can return to daily activities.

Price list of PicoLift

Treatment1 treatmentSet of 3 treatments
Face1500 PLN 1200 PLN4500 PLN 3000 PLN
Face and neck1800 PLN 1500 PLN5400 PLN 3900 PLN
Face, neck, neckline2000 PLN 1700 PLN6000 PLN 4200 PLN
Neck or neckline1200 PLN 900 PLN3600 PLN 2250 PLN
Eyes area800 PLN 500 PLN1500 PLN 1050 PLN
Lips area800 PLN 500 PLN1500 PLN 1050 PLN
*special offer valid until the end of September

Main benefits of picosecond lift – PicoLift