DermaQuest chemical peel

Facial and body peel DermaQuest is a solution for women and men, who want to recover a healthy, radiant appearance to their complexion and remove the signs of aging in a non-invasive way. The prestigious series DermaQuest includes chemical enzyme treatments and peels, is dedicated for various skin type, a.o.:

•      DermaQuest Biomimetic Peptide Peel – with derivative of botulinum toxin (10%) and AHA (40%),

•      DermaQuest Mango Peel – with lactic acid (30%) and orange stem cells,

•      DermaQuest Revitalize Anti-Age Treatment – with proteinazes and vitamin C

DermaQuest prices

Type of a peelPricePackage of 4 treatments
Vitamin C Peel- face300zł1200zł 1000 zł
Biomimetic Peptide Peel- face300zł1200zł 1000 zł
Peel with Dermapen- face600zł2400zł 2080zł

Main advantages of DermaQuest