Laser hair removal – Laser Vectus

Vectus Laser hair removal is a treatment that we can shed unwanted and blemished hairs from particular face areas. Unlike at home depilation methods, the laser epilation allows to eliminate a visible mustache or dark hairs growing at the chin.

Specialists recommend the Vectus Laser as the most effective, high-tech device in its class, what can be also confirmed by opinions of satisfied Beauty Skin clients. Laser hair removal has never been as quick, safe and effective.

Vectus Laser prices

We guarantee the most advantageous offers for Vectus laser epilation in Warsaw. Our regular customers are offered 20% discount just after 5th treatment.

Area 1 treatmentSet of 4 treatments NEW! Set of 6 treatments
Moustache100 zł400 zł 280 zł*600 zł 390 zł*
Chin150 zł600 zł 400 zł*900 zł 585 zł*
Sideburns150 zł600 zł 400 zł*900 zł 585 zł*
Ears100 zł400 zł 280 zł*600 zł 390 zł*
Area between the eyebrows50 zł200 zł 140 zł*300 zł 195 zł*
Neck200 zł800 zł 500 zł*1200 zł 680 zł*
Whole face250 zł1000 zł 700 zł*1500 zł 975 zł*
*Promotion is valid until October 17

Main advantages of Vectus Laser