Laser epilation – Deka Motus AX laser

The Motus AX laser is an innovative epilation device which removes light and fine hair from selected areas of the face. As opposed to other lasers used for dark hair removal, it allows for permanent removal of light hair from the moustache, sideburns and chin.


The Motus AX laser is recommended by specialists as the least painful device in laser hair removal on the face. Moreover, this laser is one of the most modern on the global market, and we are one of the first in Poland to give you the opportunity to benefit from such an effective and painless treatment.


Motus AX laser Price list

As the only company in Europe we have 12 epilation technologies, including 2 Motus AX lasers. For best results and the satisfaction of our regular customers, from the 5th treatment of a given body part there is a -20% discount on any laser.

Area 1 treatmentSet of 4 treatments NEW! Set of 6 treatments
Moustache140 zł560 zł 380 zł*840 zł 540 zł*
Chin175 zł700 zł 400 zł *1050 zł 590 zł *
Sideburns175 zł700 zł 400 zł *1050 zł 590 zł *
Neck225 zł900 zł 620 zł *1350 zł 880 zł *
Whole face325 zł1300 zł 900 zł*1950 zł 1270 zł*
*Promotion is valid until the 3rd of December

Main advantages of Motus AX