Laser hair removal for face by GentleLase PRO

GentleLase is currently the fastest and most intense multifunctional laser. The laser flawlessly and effectively removes hair from the face and body. Laser epilation of the face can be performed by people with all types of skin. Hair follicles are permanently destroyed, therefore the effects of the treatment are permanent.

The GentleLase has the highest energy density, which makes the epilation procedure extremely short and the effects appear very quickly. Specialists recommend it both for people who simply want to get rid of facial hair and those suffering from hirsutism.

Prices GentleLase PRO

We are the only company in Europe with 12 epilation technologies. For best results and the satisfaction of our regular customers, from the 5th treatment for a given body part there is a -20% discount on any laser.

Area 1 treatmentSet of 4 treatments NEW! Set of 6 treatments
Moustache150 zł600 zł 400 zł*900 zł 550 zł*
Chin200 zł800 zł 600 zł*1200 zł 850 zł*
Sideburns200 zł800 zł 600 zł*1200 zł 850 zł*
Ears150 zł600 zł 420 zł*900 zł 550 zł*
Area between the eyebrows70 zł280 zł 200 zł*420 zł 300 zł*
Neck250 zł1000 zł 800 zł*1500 zł 1100 zł*
Whole face350 zł1400 zł 1050 zł*2100 zł 1500 zł*
*Promotion is valid until October 17

The main advantages of the GentleLase laser