Face Laser Epilation on Thunder MT

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Thunder MT is the latest laser created by the leading company Quanta System. It is the only patented technology that combines two independent light sources with lengths of 755 nm (alexandrite laser) and 1064 nm (Nd: YAG). The innovative system allows you to select single or double laser beam emission.

The use of double energy in the form of single or double emissions makes the treatment achieve high effectiveness even with light, delicate hair. As one of the few technologies – it is suitable for any skin phototype, with a minimized risk of side effects such as skin burn.

Thunder MT laser prices

Area1 treatmentDiscounted package of 4
Moustache350 zł1400zł 700zł *
Chin350 zł1400zł 700zł *
Sideburns350 zł1400zł 700zł *
Ears200 zł800zł 400zł**
Area between eyebrows200 zł800zł 400zł**
Neck550 zł2200zł 1100zł**
Whole face700 zł2800zł 1400zł**
*Special offer is valid until 30th of March

The main advantages of Thunder MT laser