Face volumetric lifting

Face volumetric lifting is a treatment, which enables shaping the face and significant skin rejuvenation by hyaluronic acid. This treatment is a non-invasive alternative for aesthetic medicine procedures with scalpel usage. Hyaluronic acid which is applied during the treatment is a real elixir of youth, which can work wonders.

Volumetric lifting allows to achieve such effects as face oval shaping, increase the volume and regain the density to the skin and also the correction of nose or cheeks shape.

Face volumetric lifting prices

(Emervel, Juvederm) 1 ml

Zygomatic area1200-1400 zł
Tear troughs1200-1400 zł
Lower jaw line1200-1400 zł
temples1200-1400 zł
Brow ridges1200-1400 zł
Nose shape contouring1200-1400 zł

Main advantages of volumetric lifting