Ultraskin II Absolute the most powerful HiFu

Ultraskin II is a medical HIFU platform, thanks to the technology of focused ultrasound (HIFU) stimulates the SMAS layer, and deeper parts of the skin without interrupting the continuity of the epidermis. The result of the treatment is a long-lasting lifting, thanks to additional stimulation of the dermis it is possible to deeply rebuild it. Ultraskin II as the only technology on the market allows the penetration of deep layers of subcutaneous tissue, ensuring the removal of local deposits of fatty tissue through the Ultra Deep 13mm applicator. Ultraskin II technology has been supported by numerous studies and scientific publications.

Price list of UltraSkin II Absolute

Double chin (adipose tissue)2400 PLN 800 PLN *
Pelicans' arms (adipose tissue)4000 PLN 1450 PLN *
Thighs (adipose tissue)3500 PLN - 6500 PLN 2300 PLN - 4000 PLN * **
Abdomen (adipose tissue)5000 PLN 1850 PLN *
*Special offer valid until the 17th of October
** Price determined individually during the consultation

Main advantages for Ultraskin II Absolute