Body contouring – Endermologie LPG Alliance

According to specialists, Endermologie is one of the most innovative solutions available in the offer of aesthetic medicine. Endermologie Alliance is the only non-invasive mechanical stimulation which stimulates cell metabolism in a natural way. It allows for reduction of fat tissue, cellulite and improves skin firmness.

First effects already after 3 treatments. The new patent of endermologie® Alliance enables intensive and rapid stimulation of tissues while maintaining exceptional comfort of the treatment. Endermologie® Alliance affects your body in three dimensions:

– Reduces localized and resistant fatty tissue
– Smoothes cellulite
– Stimulates the production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

Price list of Endermologie Alliance

Treatment Lipomassage® - body 1 treatmentSet of 10 treatmentsSet of 20 treatments
Price for Endermowear 95 PLNEndermowear for freeEndermowear for free
Treatment for body350 PLN 280 PLN (40 min.)3500 PLN 2100 PLN *7000 PLN 3800 PLN **
Treatment for body 1 area175 PLN 140 PLN (20 min.)1750 PLN 1050 PLN-
* Special offer valid until the 25th of November: 1 treatment LPG Endermolift for face for free
** Special offer valid until the 25th of November: 2 treatments LPG Endermolift for face for free

Main benefits of Endermologie Alliance