Medical peeling DermaQuest

Medical peeling DermaQuest properly selected to the customer’s skin allows you to effectively eliminate the most common skin imperfections. The treatment gently exfoliates dead epidermis without affecting the dermis layer. Applied preparations are not allergenic and are 100% skin friendly.

The combination of active substances stimulates the skin to reduce sebum production, exfoliates dead, thickened and damaged epidermis and soothes fine mimic wrinkles. The treatment evens out the surface and color of the skin, lightens post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Reduces infections, pores and blackheads. As well as shrinks the outlet of sebaceous glands.

Price list of DermaQuest medical peeling

TreatmentPrice for 1 treatment
Vitamin C Peeling300 PLN
Pumpkin's Peeling260 PLN

Main benefits of DermaQuest medical peeling