Aesthetic medicine

The main assumption of aesthetic medicine is the correction of defects, aimed at improving the well-being, appearance and health of the patient. Every aesthetic intervention involves some risk, so it is worth putting yourself in the hands of a trusted, experienced and qualified specialist.

Each treatment is preceded by a medical consultation. In Beauty Skin treatments are performed by doctor Marta Nowak, who enjoys high opinions of her patients!

Price list of aesthetic medicine

Consultation150 PLN
BOTOX - Botulinum toxin
Azzalure - 1 area (for example: 'crow's feet', 'lion's wrinkle')600 PLN
Azzalure - 2 areas1000 PLN
Azzalure - 3 areas1300 PLN
Bruxism - 1 ampoule Azzalure1300 PLN
Hyperhidrosis armpits / feet / hands - 2 ampoules Azzalure1800 PLN
Hyaluronic acid
Filler - 1 ampoule1500 PLN
Filler - 2 ampoules2600 PLN
Lips Filler - 1 ampoule1500 zł 1200 zł*
Needle Mesotherapy
Mesotherapy Neauvia Hydro Deluxe - 1 ampoule850 PLN
Mesotherapy Neauvia Hydro Deluxe - 2 ampoules1500 PLN
Platelet rich plasma injections - face1100 PLN
Platelet rich plasma injections - face + neck1500 PLN
Another treatments
Injection lipolysis - 1 ampoule700 PLN
Threads PLLA Tornado - 20 pcs1500 PLN
Lifting threads (hooked threads - 6 pcs, 3 pcs per side)2600 PLN
Stem cells and growth factors
CGF ONE - 1 area - mesotherapy850 PLN
CGF LIQUID - FACE AND NECK - mesotherapy1200 PLN
CGF HARMONY - FACE - mesotherapy with gel2000 PLN
Face4700 PLN
* special offer valid until the end of August