Joanna and Gabriel Brzozowscy

The owners of Aesthetic Medicine Clinic BEAUTY SKIN in Warsaw and Radom. The founders and representatives of the Clinic, responsible for implementation of innovative solutions within the area of aesthetic medicine and the highest standards in Beauty Skin. Along with the whole team, they ensure high quality of delivered services, professional care and satisfaction of the clients of both clinics.

Our personal dream was to create a place where the most innovative lasers and medical and cosmetic devices can be used, and what is key, efficiently eliminate aesthetic, health problems, feel attractive and regain self-confidence in all circumstances.

The beauty is in the details.

Dr. Marta Nowak

Doctor of aesthetic medicine and a specialist in microscopic endodontics. She graduated from Medical Academy in Warsaw. She gained knowledge in aesthetic medicine all over the world. For several years she practiced in clinics in Great Britain. She continuously improves her skills by participating in congresses, courses and workshops all over the world. She specializes in thread facelifts. She performs face reshaping treatments with the use of hyaluronic acid (volumetrics), reduces wrinkles, treats hyperhidrosis and performs regenerative treatments for the face, neck and hands with the use of blood stem cells (CGF). She has an individualized approach to each patient. She is empathetic and full of positive energy.

Żoliborz Clinic

Aneta Postolska

The alumni of the College of Engineering and Health – study in cosmetology. She has a longstanding experience in conducting series of treatment so as to fulfil the needs of the guests of the Clinic. She develops regularly by attending conferences and training in the area of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. in leisure time she love to read and catch up with movies.

Ewa Zielińska

A graduate of the Higher School of Engineering and Health in Warsaw with a major in Cosmetology. She has many years of experience with patients in the field of nursing and therapeutic cosmetology. She constantly expands her knowledge at trade fairs, trainings and industry events, with pleasure passing her acquired knowledge on to patients in need of help with a particular problem. Cosmetology is not only her job, but also her passion – she is particularly interested in novelties in the field of fat and cellulite reduction. In her everyday life, she loves animals, books, cooking and cycling.

Agata Stankiewicz

The alumni of the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław – physiotherapy and cosmetology. She has a broad knowledge and experience in planning of treatment programmes.

She takes part in numerous trainings in the area of cosmetology and keeps broadening her knowledge. Work as a cosmetologist is her hobby and due to her individual attitude to guests of the Clinic and professional consultation performance, she offers fast and efficient help in gaining the greatest results. In leisure time she is a fan of good movie and photography.

Monika Wolska-Kruszyńska

The alumni of Józef Piłsudski University College of Physical Education and Sport in Biała Podlaska in cosmetology. She specialises in laser procedures on face and body. She works with never ending passion, admires new challenges, establishes warm contact with people and treats everyone individually. She keeps developing and gains new skills. In leisure time she chooses spending time actively on fresh air – mainly bike trips.

Anita Lipka

A graduate of the Olsztynska School of Higher Education. She completed her Master’s degree in 2014 at the Higher School of Professional Cosmetology and Health Care in Warsaw. For years her passion was cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. She holds many certificates of the latest technology devices. Cheerful, always smiling, at work she values professionalism and the best reward is the satisfaction of her patients.

Margareta Żuk

A graduate of cosmetology at the Medical University of Bialystok. She constantly expands her knowledge by taking part in numerous trainings on laser therapy and anti-aging treatments. Always smiling, open and friendly. She loves working with people and treats each of her patients individually. Privately, a sports and travel enthusiast with a big appetite for discovering new places and cultures.

Justyna Warcaba

Master of cosmetology at College of Physiotherapy in Wroclaw. She is passionate about aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. In her work as a cosmetologist she focuses on professionalism and accuracy. She adheres to the philosophy of a holistic approach to the client, treating each one individually and with full commitment – in order to achieve the best possible results. She continuously extends her qualifications by taking part in numerous trainings and cosmetology congresses. In her free time she loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. She also focuses on active leisure, loves cycling, mountain hiking and snowboarding in winter.

Małgorzata Pietrzykowska

She graduated from the Higher School of Engineering and Health in Warsaw with a degree in licensed cosmetology. Her interest in beauty industry gives her the possibility to combine work with passion. In her work as a cosmetologist she values diversity and continuous development thanks to participation in numerous trainings and courses. She tries to translate her skills into patients’ satisfaction and, above all, into their well-being, selecting the right methods to target specific and individual problems of each of them. Privately open to people and exploring different parts of the world.

Kasia Łęczycka

She graduated in Cosmetology from the College of Engineering and Health Sciences in Warsaw. In contact with the Patient she puts emphasis on creating a friendly atmosphere, guided by empathy which helps to understand their needs. Kasia’s priority is to take an individual approach to each Patient and focus on choosing the right treatment for them. In her free time she takes a holistic view of cosmetology and the role of nutrition in maintaining good skin condition.

Anna Pryma

She is passionate about cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. She works with specialists in the clinic to ensure patients are fully comfortable and cared for. She makes sure that the atmosphere in the workplace is always friendly for everyone. She transfers her hard work and commitment to the care of Beauty Skin Clinic facilities. Privately, she loves to spend time actively walking in the mountains and experimenting in the kitchen.

Kinga Zdyb

She holds a Master’s degree in Obstetrics from Warsaw Medical University and a postgraduate diploma in Bio-aesthetic Cosmetology from the University of Engineering and Health Sciences in Warsaw. At Beauty Skin she values continuous development and willingly deepens her knowledge by participating in many trainings.  Her experience and close cooperation with an aesthetic medicine doctor allows her to provide patients with the best injectable treatments such as mesotherapy, lipolysis, fillers, tissue stimulators, as well as MiraDry hyperhidrosis treatments. Privately, Kinga is a big fan of horror movies, and in her free time she spends on walks with her dog.

Tomasz Dura

Physiotherapist and massage therapist with years of experience in rehabilitation. Open to new challenges, communicative and quick to establish interpersonal contacts. Functional trainer and specialist in sports nutrition, cares about a healthy lifestyle and promotes it with dignity. His professional goal is to preventive health and improve the physical form of society. Sport enthusiast, he is guided by the principle “prevention is better than cure” to which the key is regular physical activity and appropriately selected sets of functional exercises.

Piotr Aftowicz

Graduate of the Faculty of Administration in Warsaw. Personal trainer, passionate and lover of physical activity. Regularly develops himself by attending trainings in strength and functional training. At work he puts emphasis on mobility and stability in the context of physical preparation. Full of optimism and positive energy. Sport is not only work but also a hobby. In his free time chooses an active form of recreation – mainly wrestling.

Powiśle Clinic

Olga Zwolińska

She graduated from the Medical University of Bialystok – majoring in Cosmetology. In 2019 she obtained her master’s degree. At work she values a holistic approach to the Patient and prefers combined therapies to achieve the best results. She is constantly improving her qualifications and skills by participating in trainings and conferences in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Privately an active lifestyle enthusiast, she also loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.

Natalia Wilczyńska

Master of Cosmetology at Medical University of Lublin. At work she particularly appreciates the use of advanced technology in treatments to improve the condition of the skin and shape the body. She is not afraid to take up new challenges and constantly extends her knowledge in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. She always tries her best to understand patient’s needs and individually select treatment plan. As she says, the priority for her is the smile and satisfaction of the patient after the treatment. Privately a lover of psychological films, series and exploring interesting places.

Joanna Bochenek

She graduated from the Medical University of Bialystok with a bachelor’s degree in cosmetology and received a master’s degree from the College of Engineering and Health Sciences in Warsaw. Commitment and hard work are the greatest features of Joanna. She constantly extends her knowledge by participating in lectures and cosmetology congresses. She most enjoys performing beauty treatments which make patients feel relaxed at once. Privately she is passionate about make-up.

Joanna Kołodziej

A graduate of cosmetology at Rzeszow University of Technology and the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow. She has an ambitious approach to work and constantly expands her knowledge in the field of non-invasive Hi-TECH treatments. She is a supporter of therapies which stimulate skin renewal processes and stimulate it to work. Of particular importance to her are the treatment effects, as well as patient satisfaction and comfort. In her free time, she runs and trains kickboxing.

Julia Messerszmidt

A cosmetology student at the College of Engineering and Health Sciences in Warsaw. She is constantly expanding the scope of her knowledge by taking part in numerous trainings related to the latest solutions in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. She loves working with people and is responsible for the first contact with a patient, both by phone and at the reception desk. She treats everyone individually and willingly helps to choose the treatment to get the best results. Privately Julia is a family person with a huge heart for animals, interested in forensics and make-up.

Karolina Gajewska

A cosmetology student at the College of Engineering and Health Sciences in Warsaw. She appreciates innovation and development. Everywhere she looks for opportunities to change ideas into useful projects. She likes what she does and knows how to infect her colleagues with her passion. Privately she is a warm and always smiling person who fills others with positive energy.