Joanna and Gabriel Brzozowscy

The owners of Aesthetic Medicine Clinic BEAUTY SKIN in Warsaw and Radom. The founders and representatives of the Clinic, responsible for implementation of innovative solutions within the area of aesthetic medicine and the highest standards in Beauty Skin. Along with the whole team, they ensure high quality of delivered services, professional care and satisfaction of the clients of both clinics.

Our personal dream was to create a place where the most innovative lasers and medical and cosmetic devices can be used, and what is key, efficiently eliminate aesthetic, health problems, feel attractive and regain self-confidence in all circumstances.

The beauty is in the details.

Dr. Przemysław Styczeń

Aesthetic medicine physician, the alumni of School of Medicine in Katowice. The student of Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine of Polish Medical Association in Warsaw. A trainer in European Training Centre Fenice. A member of the Polish Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Ageing and member-founder of Polish Wound Healing Association. An author of many articles in the area of aesthetic medicine. He keeps broadens his knowledge in the area of the latest achievements in aestheticic medicine attending numerous workshops and trainings and conferences, both Polish and international.

He graduated with MBA in International Business from the University of Economics in Katowice. He has a certificate of Warsaw School of Economics where he completed Postgraduate School of Healthcare Organisations Management.

Marika Zalewska

She has worked as cosmetologist since many years. Graduated from College of Engineering and Health in Warsaw in the area of aesthetic cosmetology. She gained knowledge and experience in Warsaw clinics and from many trainings. She approached her work with passion and appropriate engagement.

Beata Wójcik

Graduated with masters degree in cosmetology studies and postgraduate studies in podology at Krakow School of Health Promotion. She keeps developing her skills by attending numerous courses. Work is her passion and hobby.

Monika Gajda-Dolega

A cosmetologist with long experience. The alumni of the Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care in Warsaw. She completed masters degree in cosmetology specialty aesthetic cosmetology. She attends numerous conferences and seminars on cosmetology and aesthetic medicine which broaden her professional skills. Cosmetologist work is for her a passion and a hobby in which she fulfils herself.

Agata Mazurkiewicz

A cosmetologist with many years of experience. She in keen on expanding her knowledge and skills by attending numerous trainings and conferences in the area of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. She is always smiling and approached her duties with passion and engagement.

Katarzyna Głogowska

Educated cosmetologist experienced and skilled in many trainings and courses. She has many certificates within cosmetological treatments. She fulfil her duties with great precision and passion.

Magdalena Marszałkowska

Marketing and PR Manager of the Clinic: