About the Clinic

In our Beauty Skin Clinics you may undergo the innovative care treatments of aesthetic medicine, which improve body and face skin condition

We are working on the high-tech devices on the world: miraDry, Palomar Vectus, LPG Integral, Palomar Emerge, Storz Medical Duolith SD1 ULTRA, Pollogen geneO+, ThermaVein, Thermolifting Zaffiro and Alma Harmony XL PRO.

We are specialized with permanent hair removal. After many years of experiences and clinical tests on improving the first diode laser, Palomar Company has created the Vectus laser, which contains many innovative solutions that decide about its outstanding effectiveness and safety and patient’s comfort.

We are one of the first clinic in Poland which has the miraDry System – the most effective in reducing the problem of hyperhidrosis.

Alma Harmony XL PRO – is the newest laser platform used for reducing vascular lesions, hyperpigmentation, acne, tattoos and also remodeling of the skin, which is available for our clients in Beauty Skin! It gives a possibility of advanced applications, in order to make the treatments of different skin lesions highly effective, reliable and safe. Every technology and method of a treatment guarantees the highest level of safety, confirmed by wide clinical tests.

We are disposing of the newest Zaffiro Z300 model. This device is a combination of infrared radiation activity with water peel and the camera which diagnoses skin condition. Skin loses its elasticity with age and becomes more prone to gravity. Due to the treatment performed by the Zaffiro thermolifting, such a process may be stopped and visible wrinkles and imperfections reduced.

Since June 2015 Dr. Przemysław Styczeń has joined to our team – aesthetic medicine specialist, graduate of Akademia Medyczna (Medical Academy) in Katowice. Student of Podyplomowa Szkoła Medycyny Estetycznej PTL (Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine) in Warsaw. Trainer in Europejskie Centrum Szkoleniowe Fenice (European Training Centre Fenice). Member of Polskie Towarzystwo Medycyny Estetycznej i Anti-Anging (Polish Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging) and member-founder of Polskie Towarzystwo Leczenia Ran (Polish Association of Wound Treatment). Author of many aesthetic medicine articles.

Maybe you are dreaming about wrinkles reduction (including crow’s feet!), improving the scars and stretch marks appearance? Superficial pigmentation lesions or extended sabaceous gland ostia will not be your problem anymore. The non-invasive, fractional, non-ablative laser Emerge will take care of it. Moreover, there is no convalescence period required.

Taking care of face, neckline and hands nourishing, we may offer you an innovative treatment Geneo+. It results in exfoliation, oxygenation and nourishing the skin. It is the perfect solution before an important event, banquet. We may offer you also chemical peels and DermaQuest treatments, which we can adjust to your skin needs.

Beautiful and shaped silhouette? It is also possible. LPG Integral will help in reducing defects, which was refractory for the exercises or diet. The Endermology will be effective not only in the case of cellulite reduction, but will also help in firming the skin and reducing perimeters. The results of these treatments are improvement of tissues quality, of frame of mind, preventing creating the signs of aging and reducing fat tissue.

If you struggle with the problem of dilated capillaries, we may offer you the Thermavein therapy – a high-tech and safe technology of capillary closing. Thermavein uses the process of thermocoagulation, with consist of delivering a controlled dosage of radio frequency energy to the minor capillaries. Ultra-thin needle delivers the energy precisely to the treated area, ensuring an exact dosage. This prevents from damaging surrounding tissues.

The treatment using the DuoLith SD1 device of the Swiss company Storz Medical, called an acoustic wave, is the most effective way to reduce cellulite. Skin becomes smoothened and rejuvenated. It supports the drain of accrued liquids, allows the stimulating and recovering proper functions of vascular system. The best results are gained with the combination of LPG Integral treatment.

Our team will help you to choose a suitable treatment, which will be appropriate to your specific needs. Our aim is your beauty and healthy skin.